Doze off in style

We spend about a third of our life sleeping – that’s an average of 8 hours a day or 229,961 hours in a lifetime! Unless you work from home, your bed is a piece of furniture that gets used the most. At Red Knot, we offer a few different options when it come to styling up your bedroom.

Let’s start with the Nevis.  It’s one of our most popular bedroom collections made in Indonesia with solid tropical mahogany and eastern ashwood veneer. All of the drawers feature full extension, ball-bearing glides for easy access to all of your belongings. The floating platform bed frame works great in the middle of a room or under a window. One of the amazing features of the Nevis bed – the convenient storage on either side of the bed. It’s an added benefit for those with smaller spaces.

* Red Knot tip:  For those who love this bed frame but want a headboard: try a headboard wall decal! They’re cost efficient, easy to apply/remove, and come in many different styles.

Next up is the Element collection. Also made in Indonesia, this collection is made of solid tropical mahogany and mahogany veneer. It also features ball-bearing glides and similar clean lines. What sets the Element apart is it’s clean design without any hardware or handles on it’s drawers. This hardware-less design provides a clean palette for your modern bedroom decor and it helps to keep you from getting caught on anything!


* Red Knot tip:  This particular set is great for the minimalist at heart, but to spice things up a bit you could decorate the headboard by draping some sheer cloth on either side or hang lights along the top for a little bit of sparkle!.

If the Nevis and the Element had a baby, it would probably look like our Icon collection. The Icon is an imported collection crafted with melamine over MDF in a rich coffee finish. With aluminum and chrome accents both on the bed frame and the drawer hardware, it’s low profile creates the illusion of a larger space.


* Red Knot tip:  For those with small spaces, give the illusion of a bigger room by hanging your curtains higher than just your window height. By bringing your curtains closer to the ceiling, it adds the illusion of height within a small space.

If you like the Icon, but just want a fresh light color? Look no further! Coming soon to our stores is something we all have been waiting for: a white bedroom set! Please give a big warm welcome to our new Bellmar bedroom collection. Sister to the Icon, the Bellmar boasts the same stylish features but without the glass paneled drawer accents.


*Red Knot tip: White bedroom furniture can give a modern, clean look to any room. However, be mindful of using too much white as it can make your cozy room feel a little cold and one dimensional. An easy way to break up all of that white is to layer on colorful accessories.

Wanting a mid-century modern vibe? The Palisades collection is a modern take on this popular trend. Similar to the Element, it has a clean facade without any hardware for drawer pulls. The legs taper out to give each piece a mid-century modern look. However, it’s best feature is the white upholstered headboard which gives it a soft, luxurious feel.


* Red Knot tip: Put away all of those pillows and let your headboard shine through! Historically, headboards were used to isolate us from the cold, they’re now used as a focal point of a bedroom while adding a decorative element.

Last, but certainly not least (and definitely my favorite!) is our Cornith bedroom collection.  It’s constructed from Javanese hardwood with English dovetail joints. The Cornith is the only all solid wood bedroom collection at Red Knot and it’s affordable price tag makes it an absolute steal. With it’s gorgeous design and solid wood craftsmanship, what’s not to love? My fellow Red Knot team members would describe the Cornith as rustic, yet still refined and I would have to agree.


* Red Knot tip:  One feature to note about the Cornith dresser is that it has 9 equal sized drawers. This is actually a more modern concept that is hard to find in a lot of traditional pieces. Have fun styling this collection by playing up accents with metal or chrome. The contrast between the natural wood and metal or chrome creates an interesting juxtaposition that will keep the room from feeling too rustic.


Warning! We may make you drool.

Whenever people ask me what is one of the best parts about living in Hawaii, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely the food. Hawaii is blessed with many different cultures and all the amazing food that comes with it. Now when it comes to great food, our Red Knot Honolulu store location is apart of a downtown community thriving with deliciousness everywhere!  And we’re located 10 minutes from a magical place where you can get just about anything you could possibly want – Eat The Street

Oahu residents have been flocking to this monthly food festival for the past four (going on five) years and the community has been changed ever since! Month after month, friends would tell me all about the delicious food they ate and how I just had to try it one day. So finally, on August 28th, I caved in and went to experience the event that has been slowly taking over our Fridays and our Instagrams.

Eat The Street is an event that happens on the last Friday of every month where vendors set up booths to sell food from 5-10 pm. There is a new location that recently had a grand opening called the Makers & Tasters in Kewalo that has over 40 vendor booths overlooking the harbor. Each event features a different theme and the last event featured all the savory favorites from past Eat The Streets: bacon, garlic, spicy, and chocolate!

I arrived at 6 o’clock and it was decently crowded but I never had to wait in line for more than a couple of minutes – which was a pleasant surprise! My first stop was to pick up something to drink from the famous Wow Wow Lemonade.  For $10 we were able to not only get refreshing lemonade but also a cute mason jar with the brand’s logo on it. I’m a huge fan of the mason jar trend so that definitely sealed the deal for me. What’s great about it is that not only can you get refills for only $5 if you bring your jar with you to any event or stand, it helps to reduce waste and encourage the use of reusable drink receptacles!

After a quick lap around the entire lot, we settled on some fried pork belly, seasoned fries, and a waffle dog!

The fried pork belly had a spicy garlic sauce with salad and rice on the side. I’m a fan of good ol’ pork belly right off the grill but the spicy garlic sauce helped kick things up a notch. It was a little spicier than I usually go for but the rice and salad definitely helped balance it out. For those who are just wanting to try a little bit of everything, it was the perfect amount to split between two people.

The seasoned fries were definitely a hit with me. I mean, who doesn’t love fries? The special mayo sauce with furikake sprinkled on top was a great alternative to a traditional chili & cheese or garlic fries. This was also a great portion size for two people to share!

Next stop?  The Hawaiian Waffle Dog Co. for…waffle dogs, of course! I chose to drizzle some syrup on mine but there were a few other topping choices – including dried minced garlic! It was a perfect mix between sweet and salty. Just watch out for the possible messiness if you decide to go with syrup like I did!

Before we ended the evening with ice cream sandwiches from No Ka ‘Oi Cookie Company, we sat next to the water and watched the weekly fireworks go off in Waikiki. What a beautiful way to end the night! Fireworks go off around 7:40pm every Friday so make sure you time your visit to Eat The Streets so you can enjoy the show while you munch. It’s a great view!

All in all, this is a great place to stop by and hang out with friends or spend some time with your family. I’d definitely recommend at least going once to enjoy what our local street food vendors have to offer! Save the date for the next event on September 25th for some Oktoberfest themed treats!

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