DIY Mask

Can you believe that Halloween is already tomorrow?!  If you have been too busy catching up with life and other things that you didn’t realize you haven’t come up with a costume yet, don’t worry!

A very simple and bewitching solution is none other than the DIY mask.    

The great thing about masks?  It’s not just for Halloween- you can use it for costume parties anytime of the year, Mardi Gras, or if intricate enough, to a fancy masquerade ball!

For the most part, you don’t have to buy supplies or spend a lot of money to create your mask.  Be creative and look for things you no longer use at home that you can reuse . I scoured my craft bins and found tools and pieces that I could incorporate, I did not spend any money at all.


*Templates of masks can be found online for free.  Google is your best friend.

*Cardboard or thick paper.  I used a piece of an Amazon shipping box we were about to recycle.

*Scissors for cutting shape of your mask.  I would not recommend a box cutter.  I tried it, and almost cut myself.  Ouch.

*Adhesive to secure decorative accents.  This can be superglue, jewelry glue, glue stick, glue gun, glue dots, basically anything that has the word “glue”.  Also consider double-sided tape for a cleaner look.

*Pretty Paper– tissue paper, a page from a magazine or catalog, used gift or shopping bag.  You can use the paper to cover the cardboard template of your mask.  I reused tissue paper from a previous birthday party.

*Decorative pieces– feathers, sequins, glitter, lace, jewels, whatever you have that you can glue on your mask.  I found some leftover peacock feathers from my last jewelry making project, and teal capiz shells from a broken bracelet.

*String to secure mask.  You can also use a stick or straw for a handheld mask style.


In a little less than an hour, this is what I created and you can as well.

Happy Halloween!!!


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