Allow us to introduce ourselves.

It’s finally Grand Opening Day at Red Knot and we can’t begin to tell you what an amazing journey it has been. Believe us, when we say there was a time when we were forced to scour mainland catalogs and endured outrageous shipping rates. It was a time when we had be happy with furniture of questionable quality. We can proudly say that time is no more. Allow us to introduce ourselves as the freshest furniture store in Hawaii. We are Red Knot.

We love visitors and our Red Knot team of professionals will work with you to create a fun, stylish, and unique room for your home. Visit any of our stores or our website and we’ll help you find your perfect match.



HonstaffwithWos RKGrandO01 RKGrandO02 RKGrandO03 RKGrandO04 RKGrandO05 wofamily


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